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Barcelona PHP Conference 2011 #pbc2011 & #MozCation

A few months back we decided that we wanted to start sending members of our team to both national and international conferences and events that would help them stay abreast of the ever changing aspects of their particular roles so you can imagine how excited we were to see that from the 28th-29th of October would be the annual PHP conference in one of our favorite cities, Barcelona but that it also coincided with the SEOmoz event – MozCation, BRILLIANT!!

Also we are currently in the middle of a 10 week commitment to improve our development workflow (I’ll be posting about that soon) with a strong focus on Agile/Scrum TDD & CI. After checking out the PHP Conference schedule this was going to be a great opportunity to see how other people/companies approached these methodologies/frameworks & tools. Also it was a great place to tap into some of the local PHP talent, it’s no coincidence that we launch our 1.000€ refer-a-friend program the day before the conference.

Hotel and Train tickets booked we set off thursday afternoon from our Altea office direction Barcelona!

There may have been a few #teambuildingbeers on the train from VLC -> BCN and a drunken late night game of darts at some point...

Next morning after we’d all had our required breakfast caffeine we set off to the venue for the PHP Conference in Cornellà. It’s at this point I’d like to congratulate the organisers, Citilab turned out to be an amazing space full of all the latest gadgetry that ensured that all speakers and attendees had the best possible experience.

Shame it was raining the day we were there (Citilab - Cornellà de Llobregat, Spain)


Test Driven Development with Symfony 2 by Jacopo Romei (@jacoporomei)

PHP conference was the best organised event I have attended in Spain to date, there was plenty of opportunities to learn, meet amazing people, get to know the sponsor companies, buy some books and just have a good overall time.

We were also quite busy on our twitter accounts for @DreamstarCash & @PornTube including this comment that got retweeted 14 times:

On the friday mid afternoon I reluctantly left our dev team at the Citilab to head over to the MozCation event in Barcelona center. SEOmoz delivered the goods yet again with another great venue, catering and networking beforehand and some great speakers. As seems to happen at most SEO events I attend there was a great energy in the room at all times, with a real sense of camaraderie. From there a group of us split off for dinner where I got to meet some great people. Eventually that turned into a rather late/drunken night (again, as per usual with SEO’s it appears, haha). Let’s just say by the time I crawled into my NH Hotel in Cornellà I had the option of breakfast ;-)

The next morning started a little slow, with two of our devs missing in action, apparently they got in even later than I did. Appears they quite enjoyed Barcelona also! The rest of us (the real men) headed back over to Citilab for the first sessions of the day. Saturday was again another great conference day, I think we’ve all come away with a bunch of ideas, and tools that we want to check out. I’ve already started to receive some emails with proposals of stuff we would like to further investigate.

So all in all was a great weekend away, looking forward to PHP Conference 2012 already!

The Team taking one last look over Barcelona city from Montjüic before catching the train back to Valencia


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